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"MashMetrics free GA Audit shed light into corners of Google Analytics I didn't even realize existed. He takes a proactive, empowering stance to data collection. The audit uncovered many holes in my current GA tracking setup, and I was surprised by just how much data is slipping through my fingers each and every time a user navigates my site. Whether you're a novice Google Analytics user or a seasoned data fiend, you'll walk away from the audit with a better understanding of GA best practices."
Ashley Melillo
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  •   Automated Scan: Scans through all your links to make sure ALL your pages have the proper analytics tags and versions.
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  •   Start knowing what you don't know!   We don't just provide a checklist, we show examples of ways you can increase the value of Google Analytics NOW!
  •  Over 40 checkpoints: From initial install, to configuration settings to missed opportunities ... we cover it all ... in a proven format!
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  •  Which traffic is real?  Find out how much of your traffic is from automated crawlers, spamme and other confusing sources.
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